Complete Testing Suite

Reconn platform is the answer to many problems that have plagued satellite communications operators for decades.


Tap, Pinch to zoom and swipe allows users to interact with Reconn just like they would using a map on a mobile phone.

Reduce the Bulk

Reconn Mobile SATCOM Toolkit weighs in at less than 10lbs and is about the size of a shoe box at 12.3"W x 7"H x 4.5"D inches.

Outpost Remote Hardware Monitor

Reconn Outpost is a web-based desktop software application that gives you remote access to the data being recorded by Reconn in real time, so when an expert can't be on site, he can still help remotely.


Whether you are setting up a satellite terminal or troubleshooting a downed link, we've incorporated a workflow system to help guide the user through the process.

Line of Sight

With Surveyor™ simply select your satellite, point to the sky, and follow the guides to locate the satellite and confirm a clear line of site. It's that easy.

Wired or Wireless

Reconn can operate in both wireless (128-bit encryption) and wired (mounted) mode. Wireless can also be disabled to comply with IA policies.


Reconn suite of conveniently placed connectors includes: N-Type, BNC, USBA A-Type(x2), RJ-45, standard multimeter banana connectors, and the power jack.

Visual Spectrum Analyzer

Reconn has redefined the way users interact with a Spectrum Analyzer. You can pinch-zoom to change the span and scale, slide your finger left or right to scan the frequency, or up and down to scan the reference level.